„Wie es dazu kam“ Novel by Christoph Niehus

After books and essays on the economic discourse „Wie es dazu kam“ is Christoph Niehus‘ first novel. The story is set in the transitional period from the Weimar Republic to the so-called ‚Third Reich‘ and circles the question of why enormous economic opportunities combined with the tendency of opportunism prevent people from being good.

The author tells the family drama in 19 podcast episodes as an audio book. You can listen to it almost anywhere podcasts are available, e.g. at Podigee, Deezer, Google, Spotify, Amazon or Apple (Narrated in German language).

„One heard of street fights that were supposed to have taken place in Kiel, but the workers at Blohm & Voss had not yet demolished the dining halls and there were no communal demands for a general strike in other large companies in Hamburg either. The Workers‘ and Soldiers‘ Council had not yet attempted to oust the Hamburg government. But even if no red flag was yet flying over the town hall, it was the beginning of the end of the Prussian-German Empire and anyone who wanted to only had to go out into the streets to breathe in the exciting aroma of the changes to come. …“